Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Noah Laughs

Caleb knows how to say Da-Da, but just doesn't know when to stop!

Da-Da and rat attack

Caleb says Da-Da, Noah eats a rat

Rudolph giggles

X-mas Day

Caleb took a monster 3 hour nap in Daddy's arms
What a sweet way to spend the morning
Yazmin and Noah
Arlo and Caleb
Mom and Dad
Caleb sleeps on Yazmin during dinner
Noah sleeps on Val during dinner
John and Caleb
Santa stops by!
Santa and Rudolph
Santa and Rudolph play around. Lucky Ducky rides on Rudolph.
Rudolph smiles
qwazy whoodolph
Noah got a tasty rat for x-mas. Yummy!
The boys play
Caleb is wacky

Boys on X-Mas Eve

Mom takes care of the monkies
The boys start the day with a smile
So cute
Charlie feeds Caleb
Elliot feeds Noah
Will and Val with the boys
Sarah helps Noah open his very first x-mas present
Caleb with his very first x-mas present
Sue with Cybil and Noah