Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music at Super Tall Park

Last day of 2nd grade

Bye bye Roxborough. We loved it here.

Caleb has a flower for his teacher.

Thursday, May 11, 2017



Minecraft Guys off to School

At dad's 40th

A giant leap for kidkind

Tornado fun


Science Fair!

Noah Waters

Valentines 2nd grade

Brush teeth. Get stickers.

"Brush teeth.Get stickers" the boys would say over and over. Good incentive


Hooray for the mystery veggie box

Brotherly Love


Noah reads at bedtime

Go Nuggets

Dad spoils the boys at Nuggets games

Lego heads

These guys are best friends

In the playroom

It seems like just yesterday when they could fit in that doorway

Historical Persons

King Tut

Noah was king Tut for his historical person in second grade.

Buzz Aldrin

Caleb was buzz aldrin for his historical person in second grade

Fun at the "purple B restaurant"


The boys love to play Minecraft at the movie theater

Going for a walk in the new neighborhood

There goes the neighborhood…

Making paint from flowers

Making wishes

Young minds at work 2017

They donated

The boys wanted to donate to give meals to the hungry. They got some coupons as a reward.

Noah at Space Day

Dad volunteered

Noah's "throne"

Boys randomly matched

Love these guys